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datasets have provided data to the NBN Atlas for this species. Browse the list of datasets and find organisations you can join if you are interested in participating in a survey for species like Alnus cordata Loisel. No images available. Alnus cordata is indigenous in Italy and parts of Greece. It is a fast-grower that can eventually attain a height of 15 m. The almost horizontal growth of the side branches is characteristic. From the scattered buds, on short stalks, the. Interactions where Alnus cordata is the victim or passive partner and generally loses out from the process The following relationships have been collated from the published literature see 'References'. Filters: Show All Hide Herbivores Hide Parasites Hide Mycorrhizae Hide Saprobes.

A handsome, fast-growing large tree, sometimes seen in parks and gardens, the Alnus cordata Italian Alder is often regarded as the finest of the species. Pest & Minimum Protection Height Protection Type Where more than one. Italian Alder Native to southern Italy, Alnus cordata is a tall, fast-growing, deciduous tree of conical habit. The flowers appear before the leaves; the yellowish male catkins are long and pendulous, and the reddish female ones much.

Dense, fast-growing deciduous plant with glossy bright green heartshaped leaves. Yellow-brown catkins in spring before the leaves appear, followed in autumn by large false cones which are good bird food. Ideal for wet situations and. ハンノキ属(ハンノキぞく、学名:Alnus)は、カバノキ科に分類される属。世界に約30種、日本に約10種がある(分類によって数は一定しない)。落葉広葉樹で、北半球の温帯やアンデス山脈沿い、アルゼンチン等に分布する。. Alnus cordata Loisel. Desf. è una specie di Alnus endemico del Sud Italia, della Corsica e dell'isola d'Elba, noto anche col nome comune di Ontano napoletano. Alnus cordata Alnus cordata Common name: Italian Alder Pronunciation: AL-nus cor-DA-ta Family: Betulaceae Genus: Alnus Type: Broadleaf Native to or naturalized in Oregon: No Deciduous tree, generally 30-5080 Sun. Does.

Alnus cordata is a deciduous Tree growing to 25 m 82ft by 8 m 26ft at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone UK 6. It is in leaf from April to December, in flower in March. The species is monoecious individual flowers are either male or. Alnus cordata G. Caudullo, A Mauri The Italian alder Alnus cordata Loisel. Duby is a medium-sized pioneer tree, native of the hill and mountain areas in southern Italy. It is also present in Corsica and western Albania. This tree.

The Plants Database includes the following 14 species of Alnus. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Native Introduced Native and Introduced Alnus cordata Italian alder Alnus ×fallacina [] alder. Alnus cordata is a clean-cut tree from Southern Italy. Its almost horizontal branch structure provides a straight, precise characteristic. In early spring, both male and female catkins are formed. The males are quite a feature, displaying. Alnus cordata, commonly called Italian alder, is a pyramidal, fast-growing, small to medium-sized, deciduous tree that is native to Corsica and southern Italy. It typically grows to 30-50’ in cultivation. It is particularly noted for its. Italian Alder Plants Italian Alder, Alnus cordata, is a vigorous, deciduous tree that grows well on poor or waterlogged soils.It isn't ideal for a neatly clipped, formal garden hedge but it makes rough and ready country hedging.Italian. Alnus cordata Italian Alder Fast tall growing tree conical in shape, a good screening tree, dark green heart shaped leaves. Ultimate height 25m 82ft, Spread 8m.

Alnus cordata Italian alder Betulaceae birch family Southern Italy, Corsica Branchlet of Alnus rhombifolia and A. cordata. John Rawlings, ca. 2005 C anoes of alder, a tree known from antiquity, swam the torrents of the Po river. Alnus cordata - Italian Alder quantity 6-8 cm Girth £ 16.98 £ 14.15 £ 10.61 Alnus cordata - Italian Alder quantity 8-10 cm Girth £ 27.61 £ 23.01 £ 17.26 Alnus cordata - Italian Alder quantity All prices are subject to VAT Add to cart. Italian Alder Trees for sale online from Ashridge Nurseries. All garden trees are guaranteed for 12 months with free delivery on orders over £50. Misc RHS AGM, Multi Purpose, Wildlife Value Area Coastal Areas, Exposed Windy.

2018/05/05 · A mature Italian Alder within the grounds of the St Thomas pleasure grounds of Exeter, UK. === It is a deciduous Tree growing to 25 m 82ft by 8 m 26ft at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone UK. Alnus cordata Italian alder is a tree or shrub species belonging to the family of Betulaceae and native to southern Apennine Mountains Campania, Basilicata and Calabria, mainly on western mountain sides and north-eastern mountains of Corsica. Italian Alder alnus cordata Italian Alder seeds are relatively easy to germinate and grow. The dormancy within the seed is short and easily broken. This is achieved by a short period of cold stratification in the fridge. You can do. ITALIAN ALDER Alnus cordata Photo Locations: Cal Poly State University - San Luis Obispo, CA, Hoyt Arboretum - Portland, OR and Los Angeles County Arboretum - Arcadia, CA See all Alnus. General Notes Borers are.

Italian Alder - Alnus cordata - €9 per plant The Italian Alder medium-sized tree grows up to 25 m tall. The catkins of Italian Alder provide early pollen for insects and the over-wintering cones are a good food source for birds. The Like.Alnus Mill. – alder Species Alnus cordata Loisel. Duby – Italian alder Subordinate Taxa This plant has no children Legal Status Wetland Status Interpreting Wetland Status Related Links More Accounts and Images Wildlife Food.

Alnus cordata - Alder, Italian Alder - A fast growing, deciduous tree often used for firewood, timber and erosion control in forests. A handsome large tree featuring reddish/orange wood, glossy green leaves from September to June and catkins slim, cylindrical flower cluster. It can be hedged or used to support soil quality and as a shelterbelt. Alnus cordata Common name: Italian Alder A medium sized tree for any situation forming a conical head with glossy green leaves. 10071 - Italian alder A conical tree, more uniform and symmetrical than A. glutinosa, reaching up to perhaps 20 meters over time, but only approximately 6 meters in spread. One of the first trees to awaken in early spring, and one of the last in leaf in winter. Italian Alder Alnus Cordata Alnus cordata is a vigorous medium sized upright deciduous tree, ideal for difficult sites, such as mining areas. It requires full sun, although young alders may be planted in part shade as long as they.

Our Italian Alder grows well in especially waterlogged or poor-quality soils and is our best Alder for chalky or drier areas. From April to December you’ll be treated with exceptionally rich glossy leaves, whilst it also produces long slender catkins similar to some conifer cones which disperse seeds that leave blackened cones on the tree for up to a year. You’re guaranteed rapid growth.

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